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Our foundational workshop, the Jewelbox Roadmap is designed for those in their late reproductive years (typically late 30s) through the first few years of menopause, defined as 12 months without a period (typically early to mid 50s). So whether menopause is on the horizon, you're in the transition towards it, or you're a few years into it, this workshop is right for you.  
We'll explore how and when our bodies change and share vetted comprehensive resources for managing symptoms and optimizing overall health. You'll leave the workshop with a Resource Guide and an individualized Action Plan customized to your own needs.  


During this workshop you will:

  • Learn about the timing and physiology of moving towards and settling into a new hormonal balance

  • Identify where you are on the roadmap

  • Explore the interplay between hormonal & age-related changes

  • Reflect on the unique aspects of this time in your life

  • Learn how to effectively track symptoms

  • Review vetted resources for managing symptoms

  • Connect with others to help strengthen & build community

  • Review our Resource Guide, check-in with your readiness to make change, and create a personalized Action Plan to manage symptoms & optimize health 

  • Led by Claudia and Kate, Certified Menopause Practitioners

  • 120 minutes

  • Maximum of 10 participants

  • Held via Zoom

  • $125


This workshop is designed for anyone in perimenopause and beyond who wants to learn about the fundamentals of hormone therapy. Our evidence-based approach encompasses the latest research and understanding of when and why to consider hormone use. Come away from this workshop feeling well informed. And if the answer is yes, you'll be ready to partner with your healthcare provider.  

During this workshop we'll explore:

  • When & why to consider hormone therapy with estrogen, progesterone and testosterone during perimenopause & menopause

  • When hormones are not indicated or recommended

  • How effective they are at managing symptoms

  • Potential risks associated with their use explained in terms that make sense

  • Most common side effects

  • Types, doses, & delivery mechanisms available including the terms 'natural', 'bio-identical', and 'compounded'.

  • Led by Claudia and Kate, Certified Menopause Practitioners

  • 90 minutes

  • Maximum of 10 participants

  • Held via Zoom

  • $100




These open conversational style sessions offer an opportunity to get your questions answered and connect to others. It's a great way to follow-up after a workshop and an excellent option for anyone seeking specific information they haven't found elsewhere. Send us up to three questions ahead of time or ask them during the session. We'll provide answers! 

  • Led by Claudia or Kate, Certified Menopause Practitioners

  • 45 minutes

  • Maximum of 12 participants

  • Held via Zoom

  • $25

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